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Compound cleaning

Complete Services is one of the most popular Compound Cleaning Company in Singapore. We provided excellent credible cleaning services and maintenance of building, offices, banks, hospitals, restaurants, educational institutions, factories, hotels, etc.

Creative Agency in Bangalore

White & Grey Media is an Innovative creative agency in Bangalore, India. Our Agency Offers Complete Solutions For Branding, Creative, Digital and Video

Tandoor,Tandoor in India,Tandoor Manufacturers in India,Tand

Tandoor,Tandoor in India,Tandoor Manufacturers in India,Tandoor Supplier /Exporters in India

Cutting plotters

Signvec technology offers a wide range of machinery and industrial products of Cutting plotters. It has special electric circuit design to ensure the electric mainboard more stable and workable under the voltage of 180~250v in any circumstances. International modern linear guide and alloy paper stalks can cut the little character of 5mm smoothly.


At Audere Coaching & Consulting, we love to play at the forefront of financial innovation for SMEs. We provide business coaching for advice professionals, and specialise in improving business performance AND helping find opportunities to innovate. After all, if you want to build an extraordinary-performing business, you don’t get it doing the same as everyone else.