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Downhole Simulator | Drilling Simulators | ARI Simulation

A standard down hole model is included so that the surface operations, control systems and tools can drill against a standard well plan simulating operations such as well control, well kill, tripping in and tripping out. The simulator may be extended to simulate drilling against customized virtual well plans (vertical / directional)

Engine Room Simulators | Propulsion and Electrical Simulator

The ARI Full Mission Engine Room Simulator is a cutting edge, turnkey solution suitable for training Marine Engineers at Watch keeping, Operational and Management levels. The simulator can be used to conduct the IMO Model courses 2.07 and 7.04. It can also be used to demonstrate STCW 2010 competency requirements with 2012 amendments.

ARI Offshore Vessel Maneuvering Simulator | ARI Simulation

The offshore ship handling simulator accurately recreates a full offshore bridge environment and typically includes the full range of controls, displays and equipment found on an offshore vessel bridge. The modular nature of the product allows for easy customization of both software and hardware to suit specific vessel types.

Bridge Crane Simulator | ARI Crane Simulation Solution

ARI offers a broad range of crane simulators for operational training in all essential aspects of container and bulk handling operations across various crane types including Ship to Shore Cranes, Rubber Tyred Gantry Cranes, Rail Mounted Gantry Cranes, Ship Gantry Cranes, Offshore Cranes, Straddle Carriers, Mobile Harbour Cranes, Mobile Telescopic

ARI Simulator | LNG Cargo Handling Simulator

The ARI LCHS – LNG Simulator offers both MOSS type LNG carriers. The Moss type LNG carrier model is based on an IGC type 2G LNG ship with vapor pressures within the atmospheric to 0.25 bars range. Layout and realistic visuals of the cargo handling system on each model are based on a typical system.

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