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Physiotherapy is a therapeutic care to restore movement and function to people inhibited by disease or injury. At Bedaya, our physiotherapist’s treat a multitude of ailments with an integrated approach by treating not just the discomfort but also identifying the root cause.

Nutrition And Weightloss

Healthy weight goals are not the product of a generic diet or program, they are the result of an ongoing lifestyle which includes long-term changes in your daily eating and exercise habits, supporting a healthy functioning body. Whether you are looking to increase / decrease body mass or fine tune your nutritional intake, our practitioners will gui

Clinical Psychologist

A Clinical Psychologist is a highly specialised mental health expert able to assess, diagnose, and formulate treatment for a multitude of mental health problems or disorders.


At Bedaya, we appreciate the importance of building a lasting relationship with your OBGYN based on communication and mutual respect. This relationship allows your OBGYN to provide tailored cared based on your specific needs in addition to being an excellent resource and advocate for your health.

Family Doctor

At Bedaya Polyclinic, our Family Medicine Doctor offers comprehensive healthcare for people of all ages, including families and individuals. Curating a long lasting relationship with a Family Medicine Doctor is a vital component in managing your family’s and individual health by ensuring proper care and guidance for common and long-term illnesses.

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