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CPR Certification

CPR is beneficial as it helps to improve the blood and oxygen flowing which dramatically increases the survival chances in those who suffer from cardiac arrest.


CicloZone is a personal performance-enhancing indoor cycling app, with fun and effective classes for all cycling levels delivered through tailored training and workout experiences.

Fast Track EMS

Fast Track EMS offer Personal Training & Injury Rehab Sessions using the latest in Fitness Technology. Fast Track EMS is quite simply the Fast Track to fitness. 20 minutes of EMS training a week brings great results in muscle strengthening, toning, fitness and injury rehab. Get in touch today to discuss how EMS training can help you!

Swansea Strength and Conditioning Ltd

Swansea Strength and Conditioning Ltd are leaders in their industry in areas of strength, conditioning, personal fitness, injury rehabilitation and nutrition. Our team of personal trainers Swansea are fully qualified and accredited and have vast experience working with elite professionals, recreational trainers and members of the public alike.

Personal Training Online

Servizio in Italiano di Online personal Training, online coaching e preparazioni online. Servizio di assistenza online e telefonica 24 ore su 24 e risultati garantiti.

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