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Kick the Swimsuit Stereotypes with These Adorable Retro Styl

Retro swim skirts are back with a modish twist and is for every body type. Gone are those days when swimsuits were given moulds – where you choose the swimsuit style according to your body type. Full-coverage for women with ‘real’ bodies, skimpier v-cuts for petite frames, one-piece for moms, and two-piece just for the divas – no more! It’s 2019 an

A Cancer Operation Live In Virtual Reality!

The virtual reality technology plays an important role in Cancer operation and prevention with the help of 360-degree video removing a tumor.

Static web design company chennai

The company tops the corporate rankings by winning several promising awards, including some for Best Web Design, Development and Mobile Apps Development Company in Chennai, India. We were just starting out in web design three years ago. But with over a decade of experience, we are now the leader choice for an incomparable premium web development co

Plan Your Visit To The Most Beautiful Libraries Of The World

Libraries that remarkably marry design lovers’ dream with bibliophiles' yen. We all agree that reading a book can transport you to another world, but what if we tell that you can elope to a different era altogether by just standing in some of the incredible libraries. These are not just libraries but work of noteworthy design, beauty, and sheer bri

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