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India’s Top Luxury Home Linen Brands To Invest In Now - Ifla

Who doesn’t like to sleep in pristine, luxurious sheets and dress their windows in elegant curtains? High-quality home linen that is functional, comfortable and exquisite in every homemaker’s priority, and rightly so. From Nina Ricci’s modern aesthetic to Anavila Misra’s folksy touch

Embracing your Naturally Curly Hair |

Curly hair has always been the artist's muse and a symbol of romanticism – if you’ve been portrait-watching in art museums around the world, you definitely know what we are talking about. And even with all renaissance and romanticism aside, the texture, volume and soft charisma of curls is quite as much a complement to modern day femininity.

6 Instagram-Born Fashion Houses You Ought to Shop |Iflauntme

What began as a benign platform to share pictures of what was trending is now one grand junction of influence that has the power to start new trends and reinforce existing ones. For instance, cowboy, plastic and the 90s are a few fashion movements that are believed to have taken shape by the sheer force of Instagram.

The Best Royal Dressing Style 2018 |

Get inspired by the best dressed royals of 2018. Centuries before Hollywood, Red Carpets and Instagram came into play, there was a breed of fashion influencers whom the elite religiously followed and the masses aspired to follow. Royals were unmistakably the original ‘influencers’ of the world.

Introducing Colour Trends Of The Year 2019 |

Hear it from the experts: Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and others. Channelise colours to meet your imagination and trends to zest up your home with our curated list of 2019 colour trends straight from the experts. Our tip of the read is to go beyond convention and experiment with colours in the small nooks of your space instead of just gaping

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