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Homegrown Lipstick Brands Championing Inclusivity In Makeup

Here are five such Indian brands that not only are 100% organic but also cater to the average Indian women in India and of course, celebrate inclusivity! Here are some of our favourites!

How to dress according to your body shape- iflauntme

The 'how should I dress' question always persists. we are here to help you out with the best outfits that bring out the beauty in you. When it comes to dressing right, there are a few steps involved that will help you with looking gorgeous all day, every day.

New KBeauty Skincare Routine Trend in 2020- iflauntme

We are talking about the Korean skin care routine that revolutionised the way the world looked at skincare.

Best Oscar Award2020 | Beauty Looks- iflauntme

We have compiled the best beauty looks from the Oscars that go beyond red carpets. If you have an important event coming up or just want to indulge yourself pretty, these makeup looks will be your ultimate saviours. Plus, you will need minimum products to achieve it.

Ultimate List of the IT bags in 2020- iflauntme

We have consistently seen these micro bag trends in the Spring 2020 runways too. While some 2019 trends such as wicker purses and sling bags are still very much a part of the 'IT' list, others such as micro and basic clutch bags have been out of the style circuit.

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