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Cocklins Digital Video Production Services

Cocklins Digital is a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) that specializes in delivering high quality HD video production services in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia.

About Us - Washington DC Video Production

We have a deep dedication to high quality film making…. no matter the budget and provide video production – from script to screen and you will also get more info about us by visiting our website.

The Art of Glassblowing | Washington DC Video Production

Glassblowing: skilled artisans combining their craftsmanship and artistry with brightly colored glass to create handmade works of art. The ancient art of glassblowing is alive today, at the Art of Fire in Maryland. We found ourselves surrounded in their studio with a visual extravaganza with colors of all kinds in handmade vases, bowls, stemware, whimsical animals, ornaments, hanging ornaments and more.

Cocklins Digital Sample Interview Demo | Washington

While filming an interview in REC 709 or Hypergamma I can see on my waveform monitor that windows in the background where clipping or overexposed. I sugested to one client we revert to SLog but he said no color corection was not in the budgent. My second choice then is to set the camera up to bake-in SLog outputing one of the 709 LUTs baked-into the scene. Doing this will only require some minor color corection mainly lift, gamma and gain correction. This can easily be done during the edit session, no look-up tables are required because the LUT is already baked into the scene using the camera settings.

Miss Piggy Visits The White House | Cocklins Digital

Miss Piggy! At the White House! This past Holiday Season Cocklins Digital performed video services for Disney Productions to film Miss Piggy getting an exclusive behind the scenes personal tour of the White House Christmas Decorations from Michelle Obama’s Chief of Staff, in hopes of securing a place at the state dinner table.Probably one of the most fun shoots we’ve had in a while, Miss Piggy was a riot to work with.

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