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Tobacco Purveyors & Wholesalers | Cheap Cigarettes | Buy Cig

Leading tobacco purveyors and wholesalers to buy tobacco, cheap cigarettes, cigars, and smoking accessories by Dark Horse, Bic and Kush, Tally Ho, Reef, Trinity.

Document Legalization Company

RHDC is the largest document Legalization and export Letter of Credit company in the United States, serving freight forwarders and exporters for almost four decades.

Hand Carry Document Services

Red Hot Document Company offers on board courier services and hand carrying of sensitive documents. Document legalization along with transportation of packages or confidential documents is offered at nominal rates.

ATA Carnets Service

Obtain ATA Carnet international customs document with RHDC to reduce export costs and eliminate value-added taxes (VAT). We can manage the application whether shipping by air, sea or hand carrying them yourself.

Legalization Services

Need document legalization services and getting documents apostilled? RHDC can help and provide expert appostille, certification, and export letter of credit services in United States.

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