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Spiritual healer and palm reader +27730477682

Born with mystical powers and can communicate any time with the spiritual world. My specialties include: 1. Finding balance and happiness in life 2. Fulfill your life’s high purpose and destiny 3. Bring back your lost lover even if lost for a long time. 4. Eliminating family fights between family members and ensure peace and harmony at home 5. Marr

Deliberation Workshop: Accelerating Social Impact Solutions

CEGET-GCNI in collaboration with Chalk Talk is organising Deliberation Workshop: Accelerating Social Impact Solutions Through Collective Action Between Industry & Start-Ups 29th May, 2019 | Bombay Chambers of Commerce & Industry (BCCI), Mumbai.

Vishav Sant by kashi vidwat parishad

An organization which has been on the face of this world for many years. Created on the holy Land of Kashi vidwat Prishad works to uplift the covers of fakeness and cherish the deep rooted culture of ancient India.

Anti Corruption Membership Form | GCNI

Corruption is now recognized to be one of the world’s greatest challenges. It is a major hindrance to sustainable development, with a disproportionate impact on poor communities and is corrosive on the very fabric of society. The rapid development of rules of corporate governance around the world.

Non Profit Organizations | Indian Local Network | GCNI

Global Compact Network India (GCNI), formed in November 2000, was registered in 2003 as a non-profit society to function as the Indian Local Network of the Global Compact, New York. It is the first Local Network in the world to be established with full legal recognition. It, also as a country level platform for businesses, civil organisations.

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