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Ttinerary Planner | Trip Control

Our Online Travel Agent CRM Software helps to travel agents for manage bookings and inventory with easy optimizing our Trip Planning Software Online at TripControl.Net

Hotel Booking Engine

Trawex offers both Hotel Booking Engine and a new online reservation platform to allow you to manage bookings for any type of business. Trawex is a multi-lingual online hotel booking engine that integrates with your website with plug-and-play ease and enables you to manage and book online reservation system in real time.

Online Booking System

Our Online Booking System consists of web services that contain all the functions relevant for your online travel sales such as checking for vacancies, flight booking, hotel booking, collecting customer data, cancellation and rebooking.

Bus Reservation Software

Complete Online Travel Booking Solutions for Travel Agencies, Tour Operators, Wholesalers, Bus and Rental Car Operators. Includes B2C/B2B Booking Engines, Back Office, XML API Integration and more.

Online Travel Agency Software Provider Company

Tavisca Solutions is a provider of online travel technology and software solutions to leading companies in travel and tourism industry globally.